radical cartography

These maps on the historical traces of the Mississippi River, from radical cartography, are gorgeous!  I love it when something practical becomes something whimsical without trying. I knew nature was smart—see: Golden Ratio/ logarithmic spiral/ chambered nautilus—but now I’m pretty certain nature has a sense of humor. As if the narwhal hadn’t already tipped me … Continue reading

ride your bike sir

This photo makes me smile. So calm. So reckless. It seems to be matching my mood this morning. There’s something about the way the fog lays over the city. A blanket of fog. Seems fitting, as all the fog usually makes me want to do is crawl under one… It also makes me want to … Continue reading

Sky of blue and sea of green

There are a lot of things that I like about what’s going on here. One: yellow. Oh, the happiest of colors! I painted my entire room yellow once. I wanted a citron and it ended up more like the box color of Glad bags. It was not the best, but I became very active. I … Continue reading

Briar Rose

I by no means mean to be writing a house blog, but since I saw these yesterday I couldn’t help posting it…. I think I have a raw wood obsession. I’m normally not into whitewashing, but here I think it’s lovely. I feel like I would wander outside in the mornings picking fresh wild flowers … Continue reading

there’s no place like home

I have a thing about spaces. I think it stems from living in New York, and thus having none of it for quite some time. For awhile I hoped to pinpoint my own idea of apartment perfection. But it became an honestly endless catalog of textures, structure and colors. Before giving up completely, I managed … Continue reading

awesome alone. epic together.

I adore photobooths. They helped me get over my fear of being photographed. They are tangible memories. They make just about everyone look pretty. They are guaranteed shenanigan amplifiers. So imagine my surprise last year (sorry for the delay, I only just got a blog) when I found out Keetra Dean Dixon had made them … Continue reading

spring cleaning

I’ve never been big on cleaning. I like organization—Seeing things clean and aligned; uncluttered. But the result and the actions leading to the result are two very different things. I’m chaotic. I rely on stacks and post-it notes. I can probably recall any story you’ve ever told me, but at least three times a week … Continue reading