Sky of blue and sea of green

There are a lot of things that I like about what’s going on here.

One: yellow. Oh, the happiest of colors! I painted my entire room yellow once. I wanted a citron and it ended up more like the box color of Glad bags. It was not the best, but I became very active. I simply couldn’t sit still in that room. Currently there are tiny yellow flowers growing outside my window. It’s a much nicer balance than an entire room of it.

Two: upside-down. Not since The Butter Battle Book (ya know, that Dr. Seuss book where the Yooks and the Zooks war because they eat their bread butter-side up and butter-side down respectively?) or bungee jumping has the idea of something upside-down been so appealing to me. Can someone please grow me an upside-down garden? I’m aware that’s not what’s going on here, but now that I’ve seen it… I want it to happen. Things hanging. Things dangling. Flowers from heaven! Or perhaps space?! There’s something Alice and Wonderland–modern about the whole thing. 




Photos by the magnificent Our Labor of Love.


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