ride your bike sir


This photo makes me smile. So calm. So reckless. It seems to be matching my mood this morning.

There’s something about the way the fog lays over the city. A blanket of fog. Seems fitting, as all the fog usually makes me want to do is crawl under one… It also makes me want to run, it makes me want to jump on trampolines, drink margaritas, climb a mountain and scream from the top. The fog has a way of feeling stifling. I want to rage against it. All that energy trapped under all those clouds. It makes the city feel small—mainly because you can’t see the whole thing—like something I could conquer. It makes me forget about tomorrow. Act like there is no tomorrow. Enjoy it, until tomorrow actually rolls around.

If SF had a canal. Today is the kind of day you would find my bike and I in it.

One Response to “ride your bike sir”
  1. Cristian says:

    ooh also i’m gonna link you to my blog cuz i kinda love yours!

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