life of the party

Well, I’ve slept some and should hopefully be more coherent now. I wanted to do a quick post this morning since I have dinner with D.Billy tonight (I fear NY tacos will be disappointing in the afterglow of SF.) I saw this lamp on Design*Sponge yesterday and could not stop thinking about it. A friend … Continue reading

I blame jet lag…

I stumbled upon this poster from Scott Reinhard today. Reeeeal funny Scott… Sigh… I’ve recently landed back in NY after 8 months in SF. It’s a strange feeling. The buildings look taller, the people look shorter, and other than that I’m not sure anything has changed… which is a mix of comforting and alarming. Scott … Continue reading

the dark arts

As today was a sad day (rest in peace MJ, FF and EM) I feel I can finally post the darker bits I’ve been leaning toward this week. So here it is—I’m head over heels for Chiharu Shiota. Aside from being a woman, which I like to support, she is relatively young (born in Osaka … Continue reading

Lauri Faggioni

In my own personal crusade to “post happy” I was reminded of Lauri Faggioni‘s work on Design*Sponge‘s guest blog today. Her work has this imaginative, naive quality about it that is always just close enough to creepy to have a little weight to it, but somehow remains happy and innocent… which is good, as this … Continue reading

deja vu

I love this porch. LOVE. I think it’s the way nature has intruded on to it. And those rounded window shutters. The red brick and it’s compliment green. It makes me want lemonade, or a mint julep. I love the clutter too, and the dust. It looks lost in time, but it also looks lived … Continue reading

You can quote me

I’m a huge fan of typographic tattoos. HUGE fan. So is my friend Jenny. J-Yo, this one is for you.

Color therapy

I’ve been thinking that perhaps I’m lacking a little color in the current blog. I mean dark grain wood is beautiful, but I’m beginning to make myself a little melancholy. Perhaps you can’t see it, but if you saw the file of images I’ve collected to show over the next few days you’d likely pull … Continue reading

Wood and Steel

I recently saw this office by Alberto Mozo, and fell in love. It’s an amazing confluence of modern and old world. And a true testament to the beauty and feeling that wood beams can evoke. Mozo is located in Chile, and sadly I couldn’t translate the site, but I managed to grab a few more … Continue reading

Bright Ideas

Apparently, the Providence Children’s Museum has installed a giant life-sized Lite-Brite in their “Power of Play” exhibit. Oh. My. God.


Mad Men, which has graced our screens for two previous Summers, announced they wouldn’t be airing season 3 until August ’09 this year. As I seem to be having a hard time keeping to television schedules lately (I haven’t caught a single episode of Top Chef Masters!), I guess this is a good thing. But … Continue reading