In 2003 I lived in New Zealand. Four other girls and I got together and purchased a small van called the ‘Domingo’ so we could tour around unencumbered by public transit schedules and tickets. When we bought it we were told it’s radio and tape player were broken. A few days later, when trying to find some mythical button that, like every button in that car, was in a strange and unexpected place, we accidentally turned on the tape player. We probably wouldn’t have had any idea we had done that except that Little Richard came blaring over the speakers… like he would on every road trip, as the tape was seemingly fused into the tape player.

I think it would take a special type of environment to pull this off, but it has a little place in this Little Richard loving heart. Aside from the appropriately fruity colors, seeing the lyric typed out is hysterical.

created by Hand&Eye Letterpress

2 Responses to “Domingo”
  1. Justin says:

    If you were thinking of buying this, I’d hold off.

    I bought one for a friend and it was a major let down. It’s gorgeous but they packed it in a tube so small that the end caps bent/torn the paper. Not to mention it was printed on stock thinner than inkjet paper :( Letterpress w/ no tactile aspect makes me saaaaaaad.

  2. rebeccapaull says:

    I was thinking it would be cute in a nursery, so I will be holding off for a very long time, but thanks for the tip regardless.

    I never understood non-tactile letterpress. After the 1950s it just makes no sense to me.
    It makes me sad as well.

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