i like to ride…

My friend Hayley sent me an article from the New York Times recently on bicycles being the hippest new fashion accessory, especially since the economic downturn. As someone who’s been riding around NY, and now SF, on classic, for some reason always green, bicycles for years I felt somewhat vindicated. And, oddly, somewhat upset—dear NYT, stop making my offbeat bicycle trendy and usual. But then it started to occur to me what this could mean, better designed nicer looking cruisers. Honestly, I don’t need to cruise on a beach, and I don’t need 10 gears… at least in NY I didn’t. I do however want a practical beautiful classic looking bicycle… that maybe weighs less than my current bike*. And if the NYT says it’s cool somebody has to be working on it… So now I have this secret dream where pantone pairs up with bianchi or the dutch bicycle company and creates the bike of my dreams—Pantone 318, I’m talking to you!… well, today.

That, or Mitch Pryor, owner and builder of MAP bicycles, located in Portland, Oregon, can build me a bicycle. His view on bikes alone almost had me proposing marriage.

The bikes I build reflect the growing urge to make cycling a part of everyday life. Bicycles made for work, for travel, and to carry you through your day can be more than just practical. It is my passion to combine traditional methods and materials with a contemporary view towards building bicycles that are above all useful, elegant, and timeless.



Lance Armstrong eat your heart out.

And since we’re talking Bicycles and I’m proposing marriage to bike builders in OR, I couldn’t help but show this from my friend Amy’s wedding. She and her husband secretly got married in front of family in a small backyard ceremony, then changed, hopped on their new bikes and booked it over to surprise all their friends, who were tailgating at the local Buckeyes game, by arriving on these:

Should I ever get married, I’m completely stealing this idea. Yep, I’m totally gonna be that girl with his and her bicycles on her wedding registry.

Oh, and for all you city riders the NYT did another article awhile ago called Field Guide to the NYC bicyclist. I’m vintage… though ‘fashion gal’ is pushing it.

* My Schwinn Breeze, with a kick-back brake, basket and sparkly handle grips.


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