Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday…

So I hope Saturday night’s alright, because so far the day has been lovely!

I woke up sad not to be in BK attending the Renegade Craft Fair, but there wasn’t much time to sulk since I had to be at the letterpress studio by 9am. I hopped on the old bike and hit the streets. Now, I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I love bikes! What a fantastic way to get around.

Empty morning streets + Coffee + Bicycle = Happy Rebecca.

To top it off I got to letterpress and there were only four of us attending, and all had been together in class the week before so we didn’t have to go over every little thing again. Yay!

I left to find that the day had become gorgeous. And I got to ride home; Fun! When I got home I checked out a new movie preview I had been sent. How cute does Paper Heart look? I’m pretty convinced the whole Michael Cera love part is fake, and it’s not helping to refute my theory that Michael Cera is continuously typecast… as Michael Cera, but I’m pretty excited to see it regardless. And hey, if I were Michael Cera, I’d spend a lot of time being Michael Cera too. What?

Best of all you can play MASH on their site. Oh childhood! It’s good to know I’ll be marrying “some guy from the future”, working as “are you kidding who would hire you”, living in “a van down by the river”, driving a “Delorean” that happens to be “orange” (and I guess I’ll park next to my van?), and that I will have “5” kids. Glad that’s settled!
… and thanks for the Delorean, I’ll be using it to not only find a husband literally from the future! but also to change all that no-job, van-river stuff. I had been hoping MASH would let me live in a tree-house. Because, seriously how beautiful is this tree-house, and how fun would it be to construct a zip-line to get you to the ground?!


Sadly, I have no other info on this image. I had it in a folder on my computer called “pretty things to make you happy”, but forgot to write where it came from. If I can find it again I’ll edit this post.

Now I’m off to watch Adam record his latest album, and realize my dream of being a record executive


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