In stars

So… I have a poster obsession. Some girls have shoes; I have posters. There is literally a stockpile waiting to be framed. If you ever need to get me a present a poster is a sure-fire crowd pleaser. And chances are if you know me long enough I’ll get you a poster at some point too.

This TV On The Radio poster just came out by Chris Cernoch.



Now, when it comes to animals it’s no secret I have a thing for whales, but owls follow closely behind. So, if he didn’t already have me by including a huge owl, he added glow in the dark ink!

When I was little my brother got to have those glow in the dark stars on his ceiling. I thought it was SO cool. I’m not sure if the more adult me will get as excited with having my poster remain on, when my lights go off, but I kinda think I will.

Plus, I love TV On The Radio. When I first started listening to them I thought they were overrated, but by the time ‘Return to Cookie Mountain’ came I out I was a full on convert… Tunde Adebimpe’s appearance in Rachel Getting Married and my subsequent crush on him has only added fuel to the fire.

The poster also features the Dirty Projectors, who’s new album Bitte Orca was just released, and I think is worth a listen, and whose recent collaboration with David Byrne was completely beautiful.

Here’s some more of Cernoch’s work:




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