Look both ways

I’ve had this thing recently about life lessons. I keep a chalk board in my room, where I like to make little resolutions. It used to have to-do lists on it, but it got a little sad to see “groceries” and “laundry” when I woke up every day. Eventually my to-do list started to get more meaningful “call a friend”, “start a craft project”, etc. And then a few months ago I landed on this:


For some reason this makes me happy in the morning. It’s like “okay, I guess I can try that” and thus a good day begins… I should really work on getting some new ideas up there; I’m pretty sure I have those three down.

Knowing that about me, you most likely understand why I love these posters from Public School (who I’ve just been loving lately! FYI Justin David Cox, from one of my previous posts, resides there.)

PUBLIC SCHOOL is a group of creative folk working on the east side of Austin together, yet not together. The same studio, different professions. Similar tastes, varying favorite Bob Dylan song. Consistently unified love for the Mexican food on the east side of town.


click here to see the full set

Public Schooled Jay B Sauceda designed the posters of ‘lessons to live by and things to keep in mind’ because his elementary teachers used to post a lot of posters with cheesy inspirational sayings growing up and he just wanted to pay the favor forward.

My favorite has to be “Fridays are a good day to sit in the corner or a bar and think about what you’ve done.” But I think “You are who you meet”, “Great things happen when you let them”, and “Don’t forget to let your mind get a little recess” may be appearing on my chalkboard soon.

2 Responses to “Look both ways”
  1. Allison says:

    Talk to strangers? I’m trying to think at precise what age that started to become okay.

    I’m gonna go sit in a bar tomorrow and think about it.

  2. melanie says:

    I LOVE those posters…I find some pretty sweet ones on ffffound occasionally

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