Today I’ve been mulling over the cycles of life (oh, how existential of me), and I thought about this piece of art I saw in Birmingham, Alabama at my brother’s rehearsal dinner. I can’t seem to find my shot, but it’s not hard to find Tara Donovan’s work…


The work in ‘Bama was a styrofoam cup piece as well. It reminded me of the ocean, or a coral bed. I think the fact that I hate styrofoam cups—aside from the environmental impact, I hate hot beverages, and the cups that keep them that way by proxy—only added to my love of the piece.

Now I’m not trying to get all Duchamp on anyone, but what always made me curious was, where as I see a styrofoam cup, and then later the art created, does Tara see the art in the original object? I’m sure there’s an article somewhere where she discusses this; Apparently I’m not that curious.

I guess what I actually wonder when I see art like this is, am I one of those people who doesn’t see the beauty right in front of them because they can’t see how all the pieces would fit together?

And, that being said, sometimes is it just a styrofoam cup that I’m hoping could be something else?




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