So, this has obviously made the rounds in the blog-o-sphere, but sometimes I like to give hints to people who read this who may some day buy me things.

Hello Font Clock!


Created by Sebastian Wrong for Established & Sons, the Font Clock is a flip clock featuring twelve typefaces, chosen for their design strength and individuality. Eleven are from the twentieth century and one is an English 18th Century script. Completely automatic, self-adjusting digital clock… In theory, at given points within the annual time cycle, all the fonts will run together for 5 minutes.

There are three sizes. The big one is really nice because there is so much more fonty goodness going on. Sadly, all are WAY out of budget, so seriously don’t consider getting me this.

But if there is ever a knock off…

4 Responses to “fontastic!”
  1. Allison says:

    you are font obsessed, but at least you have an obsession…frankly, I think they are quite healthy, but unfortunately most of mine are extremely UNhealthy

  2. rebeccapaull says:

    Bird, you crack me up, what are these UNhealthy obsessions?

  3. annoyanceallowance says:

    yeah, wow, I would want the large one too. we should try to find 170 people to each pitch in 10 bucks, and then we can just trade around who has it. deal?

  4. rebeccapaull says:

    Then for about 2.14 days a year we could each happily count off the time by yelling “helvetica! garamond!…”

    Totally worth it.

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