Mad Men, which has graced our screens for two previous Summers, announced they wouldn’t be airing season 3 until August ’09 this year. As I seem to be having a hard time keeping to television schedules lately (I haven’t caught a single episode of Top Chef Masters!), I guess this is a good thing. But I really miss stepping back in time on Sunday nights. The entire show is fascinating; last Summer we basically had a Joan fan club at my office (though truth be told, I was a bigger fan of Rosemarie DeWitt as beatnik ‘Midge’.) Anyhow, to tide you over I got a kick out of these illustrations by Dyna Moe. Below is her description of the project.

I started by doing actor Rich Sommer‘s Christmas card to the cast and crew last season. It was fun, so I decided to keep going.

I’m inspired by and emulating illustrators Aurelius Battaglia, Alice & Martin Provensen, Art Seiden and J. P. Miller (among others) who did illustration and commercial art during the era the show is set. (Check out Flickr groups Mid-Century Illustrated and Retro Kid to see the originals that blow my stuff out of the water)



Lastly, check out the Mad Men Season 3 trailer here. It’s just kind of a recap… nothing too exciting. But rumor has it Season 3 will focus more on LA and include a possible move. I’ll miss seeing NY in the 60’s, but would absolutely adore seeing Don mingle with LA 60s starlets.


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