Color therapy

I’ve been thinking that perhaps I’m lacking a little color in the current blog. I mean dark grain wood is beautiful, but I’m beginning to make myself a little melancholy. Perhaps you can’t see it, but if you saw the file of images I’ve collected to show over the next few days you’d likely pull down the shades, throw on some Elliot Smith, and chase sleeping pills with vodka… So instead we’ll be viewing a letterpress studio that the lovely Priya, over at Love Made Visible, just used on some wedding invites.

Studio On Fire is a design and letterpress workspace in Minneapolis, Minnesota.





Check out their blog Beast Pieces, where they showcase their work and provide others a glimpse into their process. They also share press room tips gained from a decades worth of experience in design and letterpress.

Okay… perhaps this isn’t the most colorful happy blog entry I could have produced. So, if you still want that vodka, at least do your design savy some good by drinking it from this:


Vodka is created by Integrity Spirits in Portland, OR. Design by ID Branding.

2 Responses to “Color therapy”
  1. Angela says:

    Great. I just spent half the time I’m supposed to be studying in the library dissecting that letterpress blog. I would like for every printed matter in the world to be letterpressed.

  2. rebeccapaull says:

    Someday, I will make it a personal crusade!

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