deja vu


I love this porch. LOVE. I think it’s the way nature has intruded on to it. And those rounded window shutters. The red brick and it’s compliment green. It makes me want lemonade, or a mint julep. I love the clutter too, and the dust. It looks lost in time, but it also looks lived in.

Okay now here’s the kicker, look at these pictures:





Look familiar? Yep, I’ve become obsessed with the same house twice.

How could anyone not though? Look at that bathroom! And, I don’t even know what that is, a fire porch? Well, now I want one. I want a thing I didn’t even know existed and I just stupidly named.

If I’m really going to live there, I’ll need to brush off the old french texts. Artist husbands feel free to apply.

2 Responses to “deja vu”
  1. rebeccapaull says:

    Luria Bertani!

    I know, it kind of ruins NY a little. I better be careful with my house porn or I’ll never stop moving.

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