Lauri Faggioni


In my own personal crusade to “post happy” I was reminded of Lauri Faggioni‘s work on Design*Sponge‘s guest blog today. Her work has this imaginative, naive quality about it that is always just close enough to creepy to have a little weight to it, but somehow remains happy and innocent… which is good, as this is supposed to be a happy post. Perhaps creepy is too strong a word; Awkward? Unnerving? Either way, precious is certainly a word I’d use.

Most of you probably recall her work from Michel Gondry‘s The Science of Sleep.


^ Golden the Pony Boy

On meeting Gondry, Faggioni says:

“[Growing up] I had an obsession with tin toys, these German windups, and I wanted to learn how to make things move and have certain characteristics, so I thought I was going to have to move to the Black Forest and study watchmaking for 20 years before I could learn how to do it. But instead, in walks this amazing, crazy Frenchman teaching me animation, and it’s the exact same thing only another way I hadn’t thought of before.”

Faggioni also did the choreography for Michael Andrew/ Gary Jules’s video for Mad World (the Tears for Fears cover created for Donnie Darko). Most recently she worked with Johan Renck as production designer of his debut feature Downloading Nancy, which was nominated for a grand jury prize at Sundance.

Here are a few more shots of her fiber work:



How freakin’ cute is that nursery rhyme-esque plate and spoon?


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