the dark arts


As today was a sad day (rest in peace MJ, FF and EM) I feel I can finally post the darker bits I’ve been leaning toward this week.

So here it is—I’m head over heels for Chiharu Shiota. Aside from being a woman, which I like to support, she is relatively young (born in Osaka in 1972), and currently lives in Berlin—if you know almost nothing about me you should know that I’m mildly convinced Berlin is my city-soul-mate.

Her first solo show was in New York at the Goff + Rosenthal Gallery in 2008.





My taste in art sometimes baffles even me, but I think it’s that her work has an odd ability to cater to both light and darkness. It also resonates with a sense of history, but more nostalgia. It creates the feeling you’ve left something behind. Lost it. It makes you question it. Perhaps it’s an innocence lost? Sometimes it feels like it’s your own childhood, or some kind of simple promise, staring you in the face.
… But hey, that’s just me.


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