I blame jet lag…

I stumbled upon this poster from Scott Reinhard today. Reeeeal funny Scott…


Sigh… I’ve recently landed back in NY after 8 months in SF. It’s a strange feeling. The buildings look taller, the people look shorter, and other than that I’m not sure anything has changed… which is a mix of comforting and alarming.


Scott works for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. He designed the stairs above.

Though it hadn’t occurred to me until this very moment, at some point I think I’d like to design some stairs. Maybe I can own a house with a winding staircase leading to an attic studio and create a modern sort of art / calligraphy version of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. That would feel fitting to me—I grew up with Gustave Dore‘s wood engraved illustrations of the poem lining my stairs. And though I do hope to add some of that collection to my collection someday, it would also be nice to adapt it myself. Pairing the two could make for some interesting juxtapositions.



Last year the Heart Agency used the epic poem to showcase the work of their illustrators in Beat IV: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. It was designed by Angus Hyland at Pentagram. I’m still partial to the Dore version, but I’m always happy to see a modern take on a classic; and Jimmy Turrell‘s cover is absolutely fantastic!





Illustrations by Tom Gauld, Luke Best and Adam Simpson, respectively.

… Until I can create my own Mariner’s Tale (cross your fingers for my someday having a staircase!) I’ll just have to be content to climb the barren stairs of my four floor walk-up (if you’re reading this: hey new roommie!) Lucky for me in NY you can lock your bike outside—not always a certainty, but a luxury not even dreamed of in SF.

Yes that’s right. The beater is back! I picked up my old green bike from Dear Prudence after work today, and will be riding to work tomorrow—after some duly needed air is added to her tires.

This takes us back to the last image I wanted to post by Scott Reinhard, who I got a little sidetracked from in my jet-lagged ramble (sorry Scott). Scott created this after a fellow designer was killed biking in Chicago. Apart from being a simply beautiful poster, I fully support it’s message.


I just realized this post randomly featured both Dore and Doored
My mind is doing loop-ti-loops.
This jet lag is killer.


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