those are the breaks


hey homey.

Continuing in the vein of my “I want to live here” posts (I promise I do have the ability to be happy with what I have), I present Ditte Isager. Now, one never knows when it comes to things like this where the magic lies… with the photographer, with the interior designer… But as I … Continue reading

fancy pants

I love it when weird things pop up in new places. Not that lace is “weird”, but in my mind it’s on a table or a wedding dress, not, say, on my neck: Oh Tree&Kimble, and your pretty, pretty things! I’m a bit of a one necklace girl (shout out to the whale!), but these … Continue reading

Deanne Cheuk

Oh to be Deanne Cheuk! It’s not just the fact that she gets to work on Tokion, it’s how she designs. There is something light and feminine about it. Maybe breezy is the word… Sometimes I find myself in little loops. Recently I’ve found all I want is to listen to Animal Collective’s ‘Also Frightened’ … Continue reading

thr great outdoors

Eating outside is one of the greatest things about Summer. Dinners become epic. People look to squeeze the last ounce out of the day. Bottles of wine seem bottomless… I wish I had a roof to decorate… and a party to throw. I have a desire to string lights and lanterns. I want a picnic … Continue reading

ah berlin.

I was recently introduced to Julia Guther, a Berlin based illustrator and graphic designer. Aside from her Au Revoir Simone album cover that I recognized, I don’t know much about her, but I hope you like her.

hello love.

Have you ever fallen in love with a city? I did once. I thought I was falling for a boy, silly girl, but when things ended I realized I was fine. All the things I missed, all that I had enjoyed, were just pieces of NY—a feeling that I belonged somewhere, not to someone, but … Continue reading


While in SF I am frequently found working at 826 Valencia. 826‘s volunteer design firm, Office, has been nominated to win a People’s Choice Award from the AIGA. (Yay!) The AIGA’s cause/affect Contest is a biennial graphic design competition, which celebrates the work of designers and organizations that work to positively impact our society. You … Continue reading


Corbis created a line of “ReadyMech Cameras.” Now I know that all you need to create a pinhole is, well, anything light tight you can poke a hole in, but some of us are instruction people. And you can lift the dielines to redesign your own totally personal version!… Or just pick one of their … Continue reading

cootie catchers

How adorable are these? I want to ignore everyone who says I’m having a hard time letting go of childhood lately, and make hundreds to suit every occasion; I’ll never make a decision again! created by Sycamore Street Press, found via Design*Sponge Sycamore Street Press is dedicated to combining fresh designs, sustainable methods, and the … Continue reading