crawling up the walls


Steep!… I mean, Sheep!
Seriously though, I mean both. And yes, I’m a dork, but LOOK AT THAT!

I know, I know, this is a design blog—I’ll make that ‘nature as the ultimate designer’ argument again if you need me to, but does it even matter? That picture is crazy, and I love it! I am terrified of steep things. TERRIFIED. I fell into a ravine once when I was hiking, it wasn’t a huge fall, but it was enough to leave a scar on my hand, and a bruise on my thigh that lasted for 6 months (honestly, it prompted a trip to the doctor to check my blood’s clotting ability.) And certainly enough to make me think twice about approaching the edge of any remotely shear drop off again. So maybe to normal people this is just a photo, but to me it is fascinating!

Question: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Who cares? Have you seen what sheep can do!

One Response to “crawling up the walls”
  1. rebeccapaull says:

    … those are goats aren’t they?


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