cootie catchers

How adorable are these?

I want to ignore everyone who says I’m having a hard time letting go of childhood lately, and make hundreds to suit every occasion; I’ll never make a decision again!






created by Sycamore Street Press, found via Design*Sponge

Sycamore Street Press is dedicated to combining fresh designs, sustainable methods, and the vintage charm of letterpress printing.

Coming from a background in fine art printmaking, Eva Jorgensen began with a hand drawn design, her trusty Vandercook letterpress, and a dream. She soon brought in her husband, Kirk, and some of their friends to collaborate.

Together, they have created a collection of heirloom-quality letterpress greeting cards, business cards, invitations, posters, limited edition prints, and other paper goods for you to enjoy.

If you enjoy letterpress, and have a sense of humor like me, you might like their “Lark” card line. I hope they continue to expand it, because honestly I never get tired of this card, I could hand it out 10 times a day:


One Response to “cootie catchers”
  1. philippa says:

    I used to love these when I was a kid. I’m so excited that an artfully designed cootie catcher may hold the answers to my future.

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