Inform and delight

I know you’ve all deja vu’ed with me once this summer, so I am sorry to feature what is in essence another Lite-Brite post, but I can’t help myself. It’s an adult Lite-Brite! For the home!


Milton Glaser seems to be at the forefront of my mind this week. First, the ever amazing, and thoughtful, Walter Bernard, emailed to let me know Wendy Keys film about Milton, “To inform and Delight”, was in SF. Sadly I was already in NY and missed it. Then, I opened design*sponge to find that Maya Lee had created a wooden light piece in response to Milton’s article  “Since Then”— an essay in which he discusses Roman literary critic Horace’s definition of Art: “The role of art is to inform and delight”. Milton goes on to say,

“Form and light are hidden in that definition. It’s an idea I enthusiastically embrace. Of course, informing is different than persuading. When one is informed, one is strengthened. Persuasion does not guarantee the same result. Delight is the non-quantifiable part of the definition that speaks to the role of beauty.”

Maya has a different take on the play of ‘form’ and ‘light’. Using a print-out, drill and x’mas tree lights, she creates a great piece of art for her room. In my mind I’m already creating an amazing headboard!



It was funny to head to Milton’s site and find Nicholas Pattison. He and I were the ADC’s 2006 Ping Pong championship runner-ups. That was back when I was still over at 207, but I guess Nick was not. The pairing was made by Sash Fernando, who sadly left us for Melborne… and it seems does not have a website? Tisk-tisk Sass! has a new website!

2 Responses to “Inform and delight”
  1. Angela says:

    love it, Bec!

    Check out the light-up sign I made for an open studio I had a few years ago:
    It was super fun and easy to make!

    I’m hoping I’ll have time to make a big one that says “PechaKucha” for our next event in 2 weeks. I wish you could be here for it… it’s going to be ridiculous.

    Seriously can you come in town just for PechaKucha Night? :)

    So, what’s your adult lite-brite going to say?

  2. rebeccapaull says:

    Love the signage; I would have stopped in for sure.

    Ugh, I’m missing “PechaKucha” by just a few. I hit Denver on the 27th… well 28th basically. I’ll be staying with S & M (what an unfortunate letter pairing.) Let’s make sure to grab a drink. I want to see what you’ve been up to.

    As far as what my head board would say… not exactly sure. I’d probably do something cute and small, but as a concept “rage, rage” would be just lovely. Though I’m not sure what that would do to the ambiance?

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