hello love.

Have you ever fallen in love with a city?

I did once. I thought I was falling for a boy, silly girl, but when things ended I realized I was fine. All the things I missed, all that I had enjoyed, were just pieces of NY—a feeling that I belonged somewhere, not to someone, but somewhere. Today I found the same feeling.

Returning to NY after SF has been a strange experience. I came back expecting to love it and found myself feeling lost. The tall buildings, the focused faces, the rushing, the anonymity—all my adjectives had been confused. I feared I was just another victim of nostalgia. Then, in an American Apparel of all places, I ran into a friend from SF’s roommate. It’s strange how a random familiar face can make the world seem small, can turn a city into a town again. Turn it into a home.

After that I headed out to Greenpoint and happened upon a concert in McCarren. I biked around. The weather was amazing. I headed back to the city. Saw a skateboard competition. And stopped by Dear Prudence’s for some homemade lasagna… I love this city.


The images aren’t much, but that was my day.


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