Deanne Cheuk


Oh to be Deanne Cheuk! It’s not just the fact that she gets to work on Tokion, it’s how she designs. There is something light and feminine about it. Maybe breezy is the word…

Sometimes I find myself in little loops. Recently I’ve found all I want is to listen to Animal Collective’s ‘Also Frightened’ on repeat and bike around with the sun on my face. I also keep searching my closet for printed dresses? I wake up and know what I’m going to wear only to realize I don’t own it… or it doesn’t exist. Apparently I have an imaginary closet chock full of dresses with Deanne Cheuk type prints on them. Apparently this is what Summer does to a girl.




One Response to “Deanne Cheuk”
  1. Angela says:

    Thanks for introducing me to Deanne Cheuk. It’s a pleasure to meet her. I wish that I could be her.

    Do you watch Project Runway? Remember Uli from season 3 with all of her patterned dresses? And she was German so the way she said “pattern” sounded so dignified. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about patterned dresses recently too. And then I go put on one of my many gray outfits and go about my business…

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