hey homey.

Continuing in the vein of my “I want to live here” posts (I promise I do have the ability to be happy with what I have), I present Ditte Isager. Now, one never knows when it comes to things like this where the magic lies… with the photographer, with the interior designer… But as I love ALL of these photos I’m going with the photographer is absolutely lovely.


Love it. All the craziness, all the clutter, those posters, the colors… It’s like a whimsical take on ‘French Country’
And that office! it just makes me feel creative, and productive. That white wood floor is just perfect.


I want to throw on one of my vintage slips and read a book in this bed… there should be a tiny bell you can ring that would call a monkey in a Shriner’s hat carrying a martini.
(This is really great commentary, no?)



Okay, I’ll admit I will NEVER have a pool in a basement grotto… but I kind of want one. This is probably somehow linked to all the vampire invasion going on in entertainment right now.


I have a soft spot for white, orangey-reds, aquamarinesmarrines, arches and wrought iron.


Okay. I’m not saying anything ground-breaking here, but that wallpaper with that flooring has this rustic feel I’m really digging—like I should put on one of those aviator caps walk around calling myself ‘Amelia Erhart Modern’ or something. And on the right: Circus! I want a sequin tutu, a lion, and a man that can eat fire. Stat!

Also, I never thought it possible for this to be written twice in one post, but that image on the right: monkey in a Shriner’s hat anyone?


The circus would be lovely and all, but, at the end of the day, I just want to have something to lounge around in. And maybe a yard, swoon. Oh how I love hammocks.

So yeah, I want to close my eyes, click my heals and appear in one of these photographs.

Any. Single. One.

One Response to “hey homey.”
  1. margauxhf says:

    Woah, in every picture their is so much to look at! The places are beautiful and the colors are fantastic.

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