tiny little boxes.

I grew up in a number of houses. One being inside a development. Luckily the development allowed different types of buildings leaving it with a unique neighborhood feel. I like homes to have personality. And I understand that if you’re building a bunch of houses it’s hard to source and create originals each time. When … Continue reading

This space is cooking!

Yesterday morning on Apartment Therapy there was a piece onĀ  Le Creuset in the home. Now I am not a great cook (re: I’m downright shambles) but I know about Le Creuset and I find their colors delightful. What’s also delightful is this kitchen. Seriously, it’s beautiful. I love the modern feel mixed with the … Continue reading

Designing a difference

Design is as much about solving a problem as it is about aesthetics. Boxed Water is Better was created by two designers who found they had something in common, a hatred of water packaging. Both the regular blue + mountain type hegemony of it’s design and the excess of the packing. Started with the simple … Continue reading

Lovely ride.

So… Electra designed an Alexander Girard bicycle. Swoon. Girly? Yes. Dorky? Yes. Pretty, historical and functional? Yes. Yes. Yes. Absolutely awesome? Hell yes. Seen on the function key… and apartment therapy.

Ann Wood

When looking at boutonnieres I found Ann Wood and fell in love with her crafts. How amazing is that pirate ship? Aside from the ship, the following owl is my favorite piece of Wood’s. On it’s production she said: I fully intended to make another scoundrel but this guy is so scoundrelly he makes the … Continue reading

a sigh of relief…

Since SO much of wedding talk is about the bride I thought I’d take a moment to show these cute little bouttiners from Fritts Rosenow. Honestly adorable. Another boy focused wedding detail that I love is the groom’s cake. My sister-in-law had one made for my brother that looked like the boat house he rowed … Continue reading

Ewok love.

Okay, say it with me people: Tree-House Wedding. So I was hoping to get one other fun wedding, a bunch of awesome grooms cakes, and a section on boutonnieres, but now I’m off to an office retreat and then headed to the beach for the weekend. Not sure if I’ll get it done… Perhaps you’ll … Continue reading

the future is all mapped out.

I love it when a little technology is used to create a more functional design! Panamap uses lenticular printing so that you have multiple levels of information on one page; think sleek, not bulky and obvious… This may mask the tourist, but it can’t keep them from calling Houston, Houston. (You know what I’m talking … Continue reading

you light up my life.

How can you not LOVE these lights? Also, how can you not love that they are made at The Old American Can Factory in Brooklyn, home of rooftop films, where I’ve been known to find great company, and, um, interesting film. Still, outdoor movies in the Summer by the Gowanus? I’m there. created by Lindsey … Continue reading

top of the morning

Ah, cake toppers. It seems everyone on etsy is making these now-a-days. The birds above are one of my favorites, but I have lost the seller. I’ll find it later today though. they’re made by Middleburg Folk Art Studio. If you’re looking for more traditional, but less Barbie and Ken,cake toppers by GooseGrease maybe the … Continue reading