It’s actually really frustrating in design when someone creates your idea before you do. I had half a mind to scan in my sketches for a poster I wanted to letterpress… but hey, I never got around to it, it’s probably not like no one in the world ever thought of this, mine had different words though, and Studio on Fire‘s version is just so pretty I couldn’t not post it.


Created for The College of Visual Arts in St. Paul. This design process used various wood type, a tabletop proofing press, and immediately spraying print with press wash-up solvent and then isopropyl alcohol to make interesting splatters / streaks / clouds / etc. The posters were then offset print (with florescent ink instead of CMYK) for cost reasons.


How awesome are the bleeding wood type letters? I want a whole alphabet!




If I ever get my poster done. I hope it turns out half as good. Ugh, the ink colors are gorgeous! These shots are doing the happy neon no justice.

Don’t forget to check out Studio on Fire‘s blog Beast Pieces… though I think I’ll be discussing more of their work next week.


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