yes, yes, she’s talking about weddings again…

Exciting news hit my family this week—My sister is engaged!

Aside from the obvious excitement of knowing my sister found someone she wants to spend the rest of her life with, is the excitement of know I’ll get to design things!

I’ve had word the wedding will be black tie/ traditional. My mind is still wrapping itself around that one… and I must admit not a single invitation idea has popped into my head. Well, there have been a few ideas, but somehow I doubt my ‘neon wedding invite idea’ is going to fly as “black tie/ traditional”… Melaine, please remind me of this when you get married you may be the only person I know who would like it.

I think this is a common problem for designers, you have a million ideas you want to do, and most of the time no client who wants to do them.

Enter “The Free Wedding

Basically, a few friends got together and decided we wanted to do a photo shoot together to showcase our work. By the bottom of our coffee cups, the little photo shoot had evolved into a full-blown fake wedding, at which point, the light bulb went off in all our minds, why not have a real wedding where we get free reign and someone gets a free wedding! So a contest was held and one month before the wedding, Sam, Kaitlyn and little Jonah were the lucky winners.

Obviously the collaboration was a good idea. Just look at the photos:








photos by Our Labor of Love.


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