it’s a circus out there…

Okay, I’ve decided to allow myself one week of wedding chatter… I know it’s not ideal for anyone looking for a design-y design blog, and that most people don’t care about weddings unless they’re planning their own, but it’s only a week. (Boys and the recently jilted I’ll see you on the 24th.) Plus some of these spaces are amazing! Also, I hear my sister may be changing her mind about the type of wedding she wants. So I figured a little survey of what’s out there might be fun for her. Ash, I hope you enjoy!

So generally I think theme weddings are stupid, and VERY hard to pull off, but look at this. Seriously



Frickin’ adorable! Side note: I’m a huge fan of short wedding dresses. SO much easier to dance in, and I’ve been known to cut-a-rug. Plus, long dresses always look so hot.


Ah, the adorable invite. Please take note of the free kiss ticket.




Corn, Kabobs, and hot dogs, followed by candy. Yes, please! (The straws in the lemonade is another AMAZING attention to detail.) Honestly, this is genius. I’ve been attempting to figure out a way to make hot dogs not seem trashy at a wedding for ages. Because how can you go wrong with hot dogs?
Ash, I know you’re a vegetarian.



Adorable bridesmaids dresses on the left there. And that dancin’ barn rocks.


Photography by Josh Goleman, via OnceWed


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