your drink is on the floor.

I wrote this last week, but for some reason it was in my drafts and never published? So we get another non-wedding post. Hurrah!

I like a nice glass of wine… I’ve even recently started to like white wine. I’m not sure if it’s this East Coast heat, or some level of maturity (as in I’m aging, not it’s so responsible and reasonable to drink white wine.) In any case, I highly doubt wine is why I like these floors, but you never know, and I would be remiss to not somehow mention wine, being these floors are based on wine crating.


This rustic Wine and Fruit Flooring from German flooring company Parador. The pattern was inspired by flooring found in old European cellars, which were often made of wood from discarded wine crates with fired-on inscriptions and dates.

I wish it were real crates, buy hey, it’s lovely.

Thanks to D.Billy for both showing me the floor, and for helping people carry bikes up stairs late at night.


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