it’s all in the details.

So far nothing has wowed or inspired my sister… at least she’s had nothing to say about anything. So we’ll just jump right into a slew of details. (Only two days left of weddings. Non-romantics breathe a sigh of relief.)


So in general here’s what I’ve been noticing and loving:
candy // color // adorable cutlery // things to throw that are fun, colorful, and not rice // things to take home, like homemade jam, little plants, or something that suits the couple or has meaning to them (like Georgia peaches) // buttons! // well wishes, bonus if you can hang them from something, like branches // tags // newfangled garlands, such as glass or paper cranes // paper flowers // cupcakes and love notes // mixed-bag classic stamps.

2 Responses to “it’s all in the details.”
  1. Ashley says:

    So I do like the idea of having the guests seat assignments(I’m sure there’s a proper wedding term for it) hanging in the trees. In fact I already pointed it out to mom, who promptly turned up her nose and said, “No”. But, we’re going to do a buffet style so no specific seating arrangements are going to be made. And, for the record I do like a lot of what you’ve posted…

  2. rebeccapaull says:

    hey, hey, look who’s been reading m’blog. I can’t believe Mom didn’t think that was cute. I hate to state the obvious, but it YOUR day Ash… well and Kyle’s. Plus if you don’t pave the way we’ll all have to battle the traditional wedding.

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