top of the morning


Ah, cake toppers. It seems everyone on etsy is making these now-a-days. The birds above are one of my favorites, but I have lost the seller. I’ll find it later today though. they’re made by Middleburg Folk Art Studio.

If you’re looking for more traditional, but less Barbie and Ken,cake toppers by GooseGrease maybe the way to go. They are customized to look like the bride and groom and are really cute. Naked Peggies is another etsy seller creating these type of cake toppers. You may want to use them if you have kids, dogs (Ashley!) or if you feel your eyes are larger and closer together.


Jen Murphy has a whimsical style that makes me think a little of Easter, but could be completely darling.


Another cute bird topper creator is Ann Wood. We’ll be discussing her more fully tomorrow, as her other work is really cool.


And if you find you’re just not into cake toppers at all why not consider topping off your treats with something altogether silly, that your guests can play with. That’s right wedding mustaches from cupcake social… probably already out of style and considered cliche, but hey I couldn’t help myself.


One Response to “top of the morning”
  1. Cristian says:

    I’m gonna keep these mustache toppers in mind for my birthday next year…hehe

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