the move

As many of you know I’ve moved a lot this year. Today, September first, I finally have an apartment in Brooklyn. Yes, it’s a rental. Yes, it’s from craigslist. Yes, I am incredibly excited!

Yesterday at the office I received a call saying my furniture was NOT in California in storage being loaded up for a trip East like I thought, but was in fact in Brooklyn… on a truck… on it’s way to my apartment… on the 31st!

As my room was not mine yet I called the girl whose room I’ll be taking and found I could have it a day early, by 5pm. I called the movers and asked them to wait 6 hours. They said fine. At 5 I went to my apartment and waited. And waited. They let me wait 4 and a half extra hours. During this time I have decided they must have been doing 1 of these 3 things:

  1. helping someone else move
  2. grabbing dinner or a beer
  3. throwing my mattress and parts of my desk into the East river

This may or may not be a slight blog hiatus. It’s looking to be a crazy week… followed by labor day. Hope you understand.


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