I would like an island please.

I’m headed to the beach for the weekend, so this is going to sound a little ridiculous: I want to go here. Now, I love my beach house—it’s a slice of heaven—and it is on an island, but not it’s own island. I think I would rather enjoy it if today, as I left work, someone asked me where I was headed, and I could casually respond “my island.”

And I love that all that fits on the island is the house. Just the perfect fit; It’s the Goldie Locks of islands.


The house, called Clingstone, is 103-year-old mansion in RI’s Narragansett Bay.
The original sketch, and the actual house are below:



It’s a time warp! A precious, precious, time warp. Tim Curry eat your heart out.

And if you read the note leading to the stairs below it says “no entry after 3 drinks or 86 years of age”, in the Times article there is an adorable story about how it used to say 80, and then they had an 84 year old in the house who did not like the rule, so they changed it.


It just looks like such an amazing place to live and play; Surrounded by the ocean. I wonder if those kids have different dreams, or if their heart-beats are affected by the pace and crash of the waves. I wonder if stillness and open plains will make them uneasy as adults—When asked about this uneasiness they will simply say “I grew up surrounded by water”, like that is an obvious and understandable response.


I love this window. When I first saw it I thought it was a separate photograph. If I ever get to Clingstone I’m totally doing the Ferris Bueller Sears Tower thing on this window.

Happy long weekend folks.


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