this plus that.


If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’ve started thinking about the print aspect of my sister’s wedding. In order to keep costs down it’s best to print everything at once. Meaning within the next month or so we should try to have most of the printed pieces ready to go… My sister’s tastes are still all over the map, but she has mentioned vintage and cream a number of times. So when I saw this (mainly the card at the bottom right of the shot) I thought of her.

The colors are amazing—completely wrong for her wedding—but seriously amazing. And I doubt anyone who’s not a designer could understand how trying doing type this way is. Getting multiple faces together looking cohessive, and remaining elegant, is nothing shot of genius.


The map is really beautiful too, and (bonus!) perforates away from the RSVP card.


Affixed in a small envelope to the letterpressed card-stock was a digitally printed red invitation. Whether for timing, pricing or just to add a little extra surprise, this invite manages take a classic design and add a little punch—It’s Emily Post wearing a knuckle duster, and offering you whiskey (in a delectable punch form perhaps, I mean, this is Emily Post after-all. Plus, again, look at those colors!)


Letterpress by Studio on Fire. Design by Erin Jang.


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