POSTER FRIDAY// the bungaloo


So I think we’re going to start a new blog theme. Poster Friday. So, from now on, on Friday you will see either a poster I’m loving or a poster designer or something.

Today, being Friday (yay!) we’re looking at The Bungaloo.


The Bungaloo is comprised of John Vogl, St. Louis, a very small studio, and screen printing and illustration materials.


I’ve always been a huge fan of line-work, color and concerts, so, BAM!, way to woo me The Bungaloo. You’re my design crush of the week.


Another fun thing about The Bungaloo is that they (he?) sell monoprints.

Monoprints are prints that develop over time through normal printing processes in the studio. They are the result of several different layers from several different posters “accidentally” ending up together on a print. They are 100% unique, and completely unrepeatable. Some boast “charm” in the form of smudges, or small creases, as they are essential to the process of printing.


If I don’t make it back on here today have a great weekend.

One Response to “POSTER FRIDAY// the bungaloo”
  1. mel says:

    Awesome posters!!! Love them

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