just because.

Am I a dork for thinking this is hysterical? Probably.
Is it still AWESOME? yes.


So I have somehow managed to get into the office at 8am today. For the record, I didn’t read to the clock wrong or anything. I was simply aiming for about 8:30-45 and hit the subway connections that dreams are made of (1 bike has a flat, the other is parked outside of my office because I was too tired to ride home last night). Anyway, this gave me a little time to look more into because studio, where that piece came from (I saw it yesterday on share some candy), and I was happy to see that it wasn’t the only piece I liked. This one (or two?) came in a close second:




This whole post is actually a tiny crash course in the type of things I find funny…
Yeah, I don’t really get my humor either.

I know I missed POSTER FRIDAY last week, so we’re just gonna pretend this was it. And I promise I will get into a posting rhythm again… hopefully as the winter turns colder, the light gets lower, and there stops being so much to do… Otherwise known as, not this week. It’s CMJ people!


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