a thing called love


Over at poppytalk there is a section called I made this for you, in which the couple behind Something’s Hiding in Here documents the sweet little surprise projects they make for each other. I’ve never been in a 10 year relationship, but I hope if I ever am, this is fairly close to how it looks.

Above: plaid shirt tags Shauna made for Stephen (LOVE LOVE LOVE these). Below: the ad Shauna placed in UPPERCASE magazine.



Above: pencils made for Stephen by Shauna. Below: Stephen carved Shauna’s initials into a fallen down tree by where she walks the dog.



Above: a message of good luck made by Stephen near where Shauna would be walking to a big meeting. Below: homemade kites made by Shauna, just in time for the last days of summer.



Above: hearts spray-painted on the back of a billboard that faces their apartment, by Stephen. Bellow: plant watering devices made by Stephen to help save Shauna’s plants, and ease her mind.


Speaking of long relationships, surprises and love, kudos to my Dad (way to go Dad!) for surprising my Mom with a date to see Willie Nelson the other night. So cute!

3 Responses to “a thing called love”
  1. Julia says:

    these are exceptionally cute.

  2. mel says:

    Hmmm, I think these are the kind of abnormal relationship gestures that make everyone else feel like they are in an inadequate relationship. Cynical? Maybe.

    p.s. I do think it’s cute…but seriously?

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