When would I live here? Who knows. Would anything I ever designed end up like this? Probably not. Still I think I’d love to visit. Something about the stone makes it seem cool, yet it’s summery. And that couch by the stairs looks perfect for reading in or lounging around. So airy and breezy. Very free and open. I dunno, I just like all the contradictions—the rocky outside / the smooth inside, the almost stark inside / the lush outside, the plush furniture / the harsh materials. It’s a very open feeling space and the inside and out side seem to play with each other a little.

… Winter is on it’s way back.

Oh, also I’m not sure what that blue tile in the bathroom is, but I REALLY like it.




Sadly I know nothing about this, except it’s in Mallorca.

One Response to “Mallorca”
  1. mel says:

    I want to live here…immediately

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