Now I was one of those people who bought a “For Like Ever” poster. And I love it. I know a lot of people are not into it, but hey, fluorescents and 80’s-esque overly romantic sentiments? Yeah, you won me over… Plus, I mean have you seen The Sandlot? I know this isn’t a quote, but how can you not think of it? Oh, man, I love that movie.

So, anyway, this is old news—like 2007 old—but I was reminded of their other poster today, and thought it was worth a little peek.


About the poster Village said:

P.S.1, MoMA’s contemporary art center, held a music series in the summer of 2007. Los Angeles-based architects Ball-Nogues was commissioned to create an outdoor environment called Liquid Sky to house the concert series on the roof of the building. Our friend Israel Kandarian curated a related poster series, and invited us to make a tabloid-sized poster to be stapled on Ball-Nogues telephone pole installation.

There was no brief for the poster; it could be about anything. We decided to make something that would represent that sweet time when a couple might be inclined to carve their names into a tree, a desk, or maybe a telephone pole…


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