I found these Robert Mars images on, well, fffound the other day, and really enjoyed them.

  1. The color schemes are gorgeous. I honestly want to repaint my walls having seen these.
  2. They’re filled with old industrial typography. I’m a complete sucker for this. I’m one of those people who would fight to keep up the coca-cola or domino sugar signs on New York’s coast. Who knows why. I just like the bits of the past standing there. The remind me of that disney cartoon about the tiny house in the big city (does anyone remember that?) Logos or not there is something beautiful about them.
  3. I’m not saying I don’t like this era or don’t belong to it or anything, but I’m really fascinated by the past, so give me anything a little desolate and lost and of a different era, and I’m pretty much immediately going to spend some time looking at it.





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