POSTER FRIDAY // ink+wit


Are you looking for some calendars? Because they’re starting to pop-up all over… it’s like a horrible reminder that this year is flying by. Ugh.

On the plus side, some cute places are tossing out some nice wall art. The images above are of wit+ink‘s 2010 line. Normally I find wit+ink‘s work to be more of something I would give to a new baby… or a new baby’s cool parents, but these have a nice simplicity to them. Also, pretty colors. And a LOT of randomness. I guess they’re based on wit+ink‘s travels for the year? Anyhow, I feel like they could easily make the jump from nursery to boudoir… if you’re trying to make your boudoir a little more fun and casual (boudoir having a bit of a reputation and all).

wit+ink has posters too (again, of a certain style). Their Animal A-Z made a huge circulation in the blogs earlier this year. I think what I like about their work is I get a very ‘yeah, it’ll be okay’ vibe from them. Not a bad feeling to be staring down at you from your walls, if you ask me. So go ahead, order that glass of milk at the bar. Buy that wit+ink print. Take retro to whole new level, and a step straight back into childhood.


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