une possibilité serait de…

Since I’m obsessing about white and homes lately (can you tell I’m blogging instead of cleaning my room?), I wanted to show Sibella Court, of The Society‘s home.

Something about it seems accessible. Like you could kick your shoes off, lounge around, and it would still look lovely. Like someone like me could achieve these images, assuming I could find a chaise lounge.
… I have no idea what it is about these images that makes me want to admit this (probably the chaise lounge?) but I’ve been wanting to live in Paris lately. Maybe just visit, let’s be kind of realistic here. I’m craving coffee and croissants, longs walk and pale gray skies. I want to wander around eaves dropping on foreign tongues  that make almost no sense to me.

And no, Sibella Court isn’t from Paris. She’s from Australia… I’ve just got paris on the brain I guess.


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