POSTER FRIDAY// erik otto

I think it all started by David inviting me to grab dinner. Now, as I met David years ago by borrowing hot sauce at a taco stand, we usually go back to the same taco stand when we eat together… I was stuck at work and couldn’t go, but tacos have been on my mind ever since.

So, when I was on Print Society later I found myself really liking this Erik Otto print. I went to his site, and he’s from the mission. And there you have it—Tacos. One word and I’m missing SF.

So, yeah, Erik Otto of SF, you are my Poster Friday.

Speaking of, welcome home Laur!

2 Responses to “POSTER FRIDAY// erik otto”
  1. Cristian says:

    well i must say, the Mission and I are missing you. Also…I love poster fridays!

  2. I am frequently searching for new blogposts in the internet about this topic. Thx!

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