POSTER FRIDAY// friends of type

All other font dorks might be pleased to know Friends of Type has some new posters available. They’re probably not going to make my collection—my walls are looking a little full lately— but, perhaps they’ll find a place with one of you. Friends of Type is in essence a discussion of type between friends… kind … Continue reading

dear apple

I’m just going to say it, so far, you jumped the shark. dear Steve Jobs, you better make me regret that statement. … sigh, you didn’t.

a good (alpha)bet

I’ve been down this I heart Jessica Hische road before. But here we go again: Daily Drop Cap, her blog, where a hand-crafted decorative initial cap is posted every day, has a brandnew limited edition print: Ta da! The print is a two color letterpress poster, hand printed at The Arm in Williamsburg (where I … Continue reading

takes the cake

Do you ever see something and think, “Sh*t. How do I not own that!” AND “Sh*t. How did I not think of that?” … Well, here’s today’s: Yep, you’re seeing that correctly: Helvetica Cookie Cutters. HELVETICA COOKIE CUTTERS! Omigod! So awesome, so obvious. Damn you Beverly Hsu, you genius. Beverly thanks Greg for his help … Continue reading


I look forward to Nicholas Feltron‘s annual report every year. I’ve checked his site every few days since the first of January and finally today it was there! This was the 5th year of reporting, and this time Feltron asked every person he had a meaningful encounter with to submit an online survey. He kept … Continue reading


I do not draw well. I wish I did, but I think I’m too right-brained and personally judgmental to ever really let loose and allow myself to learn. Still this Walls Notebook would be the perfect way to learn. There’s something forgiving about street art. Maybe I’d let myself be a little messy or crazy, … Continue reading

a flower by any other name

Is it wrong that I love this head board? I think it might be. Not really for any reason, except that it is decidedly girly, would totally clash with my entire room, and, lets be honest, should I ever live with a guy this probably wouldn’t survive the transition. I mean, it’s certainly not kittens … Continue reading

POSTER FRIDAY// ross berens

FRIDAY!!! I am pretty excited about this Friday’s post… it’s out of this world. Hardy har har. The posters are from Ross Berens. I know very little about Berens, except that these are lovely, and dorky and cool, and freaking awesome. I wish I’d had something like them in my science classroom as a child… … Continue reading

shepherd england

I don’t want winter to keep going per say, but I do want a reason to buy an entire scarf wardrobe. These scarves by Shepherd England are beautiful! Seriously, so so so pretty. My sister-in-law and brother gave me a simple 2 color graphic scarf last year and it honestly hasn’t left my neck for … Continue reading


I recently heard from Wonderlust blogger Eliza Coleman. When looking at her site I realized I missed what looks like the coolest art show I have ever seen. It took place from April 16 – June 27, 2009 at Gagosian Gallery here in NYC. So lucky for me I can claim I was living in … Continue reading