love letters

Hello folks, happy 2010, and welcome to my New Years resolution (one of many)—it’s called blogging. You may have heard of it. I’m sorry for missing Monday and Tuesday, but I was traveling. From now on I really will have at least a blog every weekday. And, since I already know this is difficult for me, I encourage you, lovely readers, to pass things along you think I’ll like via email (Note new “email me” box at right. It’s SO easy how could you not?)… consider it a game: the can-you-get-on-my-super-cool blog game. Eat your heart out Parker Brothers.

Speaking of winning points. How cute are these necklaces? I mean, I love jewelry, Brooklyn and letterpress… so these gilded letterpress necklaces made by Erica Weiner, who was showing at Brooklyn Flea‘s tower records affair a few weeks ago, are a hat-trick.

(That last one isn’t letterpress, but I liked it and thought you may too.)

Oh, and if you’re playing my new can-you-get-on-my-super-cool blog game, today’s credit goes to Josh—I’m wearing my “R” necklace right now!

One Response to “love letters”
  1. mel says:

    LOVE the jewelry!!!

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