POSTER FRIDAY// grady mcferrin

Happy Friday folks!

Today’s artist is local Brooklyn… I mean really local. Blocks from me local. His name is Grady McFerrin, and this piece below is what sold me on making him my PosterFriday this week:

I mean look at it! (she said excitedly.) GRRR! (bear sound she then made.) Stop it. (she chided herself for speaking in the third person.) In all seriousness though, McFerrin took a bear attack and made me think “awwww.” It has a kind of feisty whimsicalness that I just think is great.

I’ve been obsessed with campers ever since the Domingo… which actually wasn’t a camper at all? Good times. (Virtual high five Caitlin!)

And, since it’s PosterFriday, I’d be remiss not to show some of his poster work (right and below.) There’s more here.

I really enjoy the way these two derivate from his regular color schemes. Punchy.

One Response to “POSTER FRIDAY// grady mcferrin”
  1. Cristian says:

    I loove the bear poster! i want it!

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