I look forward to Nicholas Feltron‘s annual report every year. I’ve checked his site every few days since the first of January and finally today it was there!

This was the 5th year of reporting, and this time Feltron asked every person he had a meaningful encounter with to submit an online survey.

He kept track only of who he gave survey invitations to, the number of the card and where it was given.

I’m not sure if I like the system as much as his regular track everything obsession, and even Feltron admits there are inherent shortcomings—unrepresentative amount of water. Still he argues there are some endearing strong suits—exploration of mood.

Swayspace in Brooklyn will be letterpressing editions of the report. It is 16 pages and printed using 4 colors on 80 lb. French Durotone cover stock, and will be individually numbered, signed and mailed in March. You can pick it up here.

And yes,  I will be getting one.

If you’re interested in tracking your life, checkout Feltron‘s other venture Daytum. I have an account and it’s pretty fascinating. I reset everything yesterday to start counting for 2010 (I’m a little behind. A few things I could roughly go back and in-put, but others are lost forever.) I’m not positive about my categories yet. There are some odd cross correlations going on, such as nights out vs. in, in the same spaces as hours at work, sleep, watching TV, etc., and miles run. The graphs won’t really be accurate, but they will hopefully be interesting. Last it was sad to see some of last years categories go (I was especially fond of the ‘reason I have a crush on you’ category which seemed to dictate that being tall and owning a bike was pretty much the easiest way into my heart.) Also, one last shout out to Caitlin, who was the person I spent the most time with last year (data may not have accurately reflected year, but did accurately reflect SF.) Speaking of, can’t wait to see Caitlin in NY in a few weeks and get her back on the ‘hang out’ board.


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