a good (alpha)bet

I’ve been down this I heart Jessica Hische road before. But here we go again: Daily Drop Cap, her blog, where a hand-crafted decorative initial cap is posted every day, has a brandnew limited edition print: Ta da!

The print is a two color letterpress poster, hand printed at The Arm in Williamsburg (where I spent Sunday getting press qualified!)… Apparently the job was so hard to register that Jessica ended up destroying her plates while trying to make it perfect. So, this not only became a small edition of 75 prints, it became the ONLY edition.

Isn’t that O lovely? And the Q? And the K? And the S? and the V Swoon.
Get yours herePrinted on Crane’s 110lb Lettra and each is signed and numbered with the note “First and only edition”.

images via swissmiss, whose
blog was really on fire today.


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