POSTER FRIDAY// brandon schaefer (by josh)

Is it cheating to let your boyfriend win your blog challenge? Not sure. So, in full disclosure: sorry, but I am totally biased. Plus I’ve actually seen some of these and debated posting about Schaefer before. Also, in Josh’s defense he actually sent me a whole post written out instead of just links. If you’d … Continue reading


(sorry Shmels) I’m not really sure what it is about this wedding, but it reminds me of my sister. I think it’s what I imagined she might want. There are lots of things I see that make me think of what I thought she would want. (Right now what the wedding will be like is … Continue reading

that’s just super

Do you know what’s weird? When you’re going to write a post on someone and they email you—It’s like when you have a song stuck in your head and you walk into a store and it’s playing. You sort of feel like you’re not sure which came first. Lucky for me my tabs were open! … Continue reading


A certain friend of mine, let’s call her Shmelanie, was complaining about the abundance of wedding posts on my blog lately. She requested I ‘bring it back to the people’ (she didn’t say that at all, I’m just blatantly making this stuff up at this point. I’m on a heavy regimen of Tylenol cold today. … Continue reading

tennis racquets, zebras and flamingos

Whether or not I could put this wallpaper up is beside the point. Where they have put it up is darling. I mean really, I wish I was the kind of person who could manage to pull off tennis racquets and cricket, um, somethings, zebras and flamingos all over my walls. Nice job Turner Pocock … Continue reading


Oh, hello. Why aren’t you pretty? What was that? Mociun, you say? No, I’ve never heard of you, but I sure am happy to make your acquaintance. photos via Mociun and Lena Corwin.

stairway to heaven

I am LOVING this stairway by TAF Architects. It was created this way to go up a really steep path, like ladder steep, but I’d be tempted to put it anywhere. Plus: space saver!

paper pretty

Francisca prieto has a new show at the Jaggedart Gallery. It’s in London, so I won’t be making it, but these images are lovely.


I hate it when you find something you think is beautiful, and then you find out it was staged. Boo… but either way, I am pretty much OBSESSED with picnics lately. Maybe it’s the impending snowicane (what? you can’t just make up words because you’re the news), but it’s really making me want Spring… I … Continue reading

The functionality

My friend Emily (Em, do you have a blog?) told me about this show Feel It at W/— Project Space involving her friend Colin, of the functionality. I don’t know much else about it, but I think the posters are beautiful, and that’s always a good enough reason to check something out in my mind. … Continue reading