howdy do that

I thought I posted this? then I went to look at it and it was gone? or perhaps I just haven’t found it? Either way, here we go again…

Sometimes you find yourself trying to convince someone they need a full identity package (not existentially or anything, I’m talking about work, and being a graphic designer.) Usually you have to explain why branding beyond a logo or business card is important. Now I have some serious back-up. BAM!

Just look at this. It’s beautiful, and not just the design, but the production is just heartbeat-skipping. Obviously there was a budget, but it’s been covered by just about every blog you can think of. I don’t have the tiniest amount of desire to go to Nevada, let alone Alamo, NV, and suddenly I sit around wishing I was there, and having the desire to say “cityfolk.”

Designed by KURO Interactive for A Cowboy’s Dream, a luxury bed & breakfast in Nevada. Letterpressed by Richele Silva of Richie letterpress + design.

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